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Guided tour Van Nelle Fabriek


This unique factory built in 1931, is the monument of Dutch modernism. Renown around the globe for its progressive design, that gives new meaning to air, light and space in architecture.

Rotterdam – city of modern architecture


In this 2.5 hour cycle, you’ll crisscross through the center, across the impressive bridges, along the docks and get off the bike to get a better experience of the spectacular buildings.

Guided tour CityCruise

Take a super fast tour along the spectacular harbor architecture. In 60 minutes, our Urban guide will tell you about the famous skyline , the docks of Rotterdam and more about why Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world.

Bike rental

Cycling through Rotterdam is the best and easiest way to explore the city; together with one of our enthousiastic UrbanGuides, or you can cycle…