Bicycle Tours

Art & Architecture

From the brand-new Rotterdam Centraal to the spectacular Market Hall. Along the way, it takes striking buildings and beautiful works of arts that have been added to the city over the past 75 years.

Downtown Rotterdam

Not much time, but want to truly experience Rotterdam as much as possible? Downtown Rotterdam is a quick but intense immersion in the city that is never finished.

Boattrip: CityCruise

Take a super fast tour along the spectacular harbor architecture. In 1.5 hours, our Urban guide will tell you about the famous skyline , the docks of Rotterdam and more about why Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world.

Modern Architecture by bike – Students

Discover Rotterdam’s rich architectural history with young architects as your guide. In a short 2.5 hours, you’ll cycle on the sturdy Kronans to really experience the progressive architecture.

Bike rentals for groups

UrbanGuides rents her firm green Kronans to groups of 10 people or more. To rent our bikes, you have to book in advance. This…