About UrbanGuides

For over 17 years UrbanGuides is your guide in Rotterdam! With enthusiasm and expertise, our Urban guides will show you the modernity and complexity of Rotterdam . The progressive architecture of today, the industrial heritage of the past and the metropolis of tomorrow. The tour desk UrbanGuides, a union between Rotterdam Archiguides and Rotterdam ByCycle, keeps its finger on the pulse of everything to do with architecture, urban development,city culture and modern history. Our guides  tell Rotterdam’s story from general development, specific disciplines and their own personal fascination with Rotterdam.

The tours that are our highlights are the Van Nelle Factory, architectural walk at the Kop van Zuid (Southbank): ‘Manhattan on the Maas’ or Megalomania? and of course the number one bicycle tour Rotterdam – City of Modern Architecture. We believe passionately in the additional experience of the city by bike!

For the past several years, UrbanGuides have given the the tours on the changing exhibitions in the Kunsthal and The New Institute.Besides our regular tours, we also create tailor made excursion programs for the educational system and for people wanting to have a day in Rotterdam. You can also rent out guides to go from A to B.

If  you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call 010.433.22.31 or walk by at Schiekade 205! Our office openinghours are as following: Monday until Saturday from 10.00 o’clock until 18.00 o’clock. From November until April we are closed on Saturdays.