Walking Tours

Markthal Quarter

This is Rotterdam’s newest showpiece which instantly made the old town blossom fully. In a 1.5 hour tour, you’ll truly get the the Market Hall experience and its surroundings.

Kop van Zuid (Southbank)

In 2 hours, you’ll gaze at the impressive towers, monumental warehouses, industrial silo’s, but also friendly family neighbourhoods. The architectural city at it’s best!

Rotterdam’s Innercity

An introduction to the utopian reconstruction of Rotterdam. From the 1950’s to the latest building projects like Rotterdam Central, Timmerhuis and Market Hall. Discover Rotterdam’s new identity!

Art & Architecture

From the brand-new Rotterdam Centraal to the spectacular Market Hall. Along the way, it takes striking buildings and beautiful works of arts that have been added to the city over the past 75 years.

The Luchtsingel

In the space of a few years, a complete wasteland area has transformed into a lively place full of activity, very much helped by the construction of a 350 meter long wooden footbridge: the Luchtsingel!

Witte de With Quarter

Step into the modern world of art with Kunstblock. Through the eyes of five cultural institutions, you’ll experience this contemporary street; the cultural hotspot of Rotterdam.